Willi-Food is a global NASDAQ traded Israeli-based company specializing in revolutionary development, marketing and international distribution of next generation high-quality, great-tasting innovative branded Kosher food. Based on our advanced research and development know-how, we focus on "Kosherizing" existing non-Kosher dry, dairy, chilled and frozen products via innovative re-engineering techniques. Our products enable Kosher and health conscious consumers worldwide to enjoy food currently not available for the kosher market while not compromising on taste and texture likeness to similar non-Kosher products available in the world and offering many additional health benefits.

With over 35 years of experience and track record in the global food industry, Willi Food is a leader in food sourcing and exports of kosher food products. We offer a wide range of over 600 innovative kosher food products worldwide that are manufactured exclusively for us by 150 top-tier suppliers throughout the world. Our products are known for their uncompromising high quality as well as their high standards of rabbinical supervision.

As one of Israel's leading food importers and exporters, our activities extend globally via advanced collaborations worldwide as well as massive distribution and logistics center. With an extensive distribution array, we markets and sells our Kosher food products to over 1,500 customers globally including in Israel, the United States, Canada, all over Europe (such as UK, France, Russia Etc.), Australia and others.

Among Willi-Food customers are large retail and supermarket chains, network wholesalers, mini-markets, institutional consumers, food service industry and others.

Willi-Food's products are regulated and Kosher certified according to strict rabbinical authorities such as Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Badatz Edah HaChareidis, Chug Chatam Sofer, certain Jewish organizations administering Kashrut procedures and certifications (such as the Union of the Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America (OU), Badatz Igud Harabanim Manchester, OK, Circle K and Triangle K) and rabbis of local Jewish congregations abroad. We are capable of handling all kosher certification requirements by our customers.

Willi-Food can offer all exported products as private label items as per each customer requirements and also to develop new food products especially per customer request.
Willi-Food gives you the answer for the growing global demand for quality kosher food products from both kosher and health-conscious consumers.

Contact us at: Export@willi-food.co.il